The terrorist attacks on Mumbai in late November 2008 inspired Mortimer Singer, Waris Ahluwalia, and Tina Bhojwani to create an organization (WGYB!) that will highlight the wonders and beauty of communities like India that have been negatively affectedby traumatic events.

WE GOT YOUR BACK was founded with the intention of demonstrating support for the inhabitants of cities or in areas of the world that have been adversely affected by traumatic events such as terrorist attacks, natural disaster, genocide or famine.

It is our belief that the main stream media focuses only fleetingly on issues of human trauma post fact, therefore keeping the viewing public shielded from the ongoing trauma suffered by victims and their families, beyond the initial few days of sensationalist spin.

As a result we around the world tend to forget and lose touch.

WE GOT YOUR BACK is meant to remind us that we care for people around the world and stand beside them during their time of suffering, just as the world stood firmly beside Americans when we needed support in September 2001.

WE GOT YOUR BACK stands for solidarity, compassion and friendship. It stands for fraternity, community, humanity and caring. We treat the world as a village. A catastrophe in Mumbai is no different than one in Brooklyn or Boston. We are no different than a local support group.

Think local. Act global.

WE GOT YOUR BACK will raise spirits, awareness and funds by leveraging the creative arts to draw attention to the beautiful places, cultures and people of traumatized regions.

Only by highlighting the positive can we overcome negative misconceptions. A whole country and people should not suffer due to the hateful actions of few.

The First Campaign will create awareness through events centered around art. MUMBAI WE GOT YOUR BACK

For MUMBAI WE GOT YOUR BACK, Mortimer Singer, Waris Ahluwalia, and Tina Bhojwani will curate a selection of photographs from notables in various industries: film, art, music, fashion, design, and business. Photographs that share a story. Photographs that will highlight the beauty, joy and passion that are felt upon visiting India. They should inspire solidarity and community. Highlighting our similarities while, celebrating our differences and eccentricities. Each photo will be accompanied with a story that the photographer will share with us.

WGYB has worked with renowned publisher Assouline to create a beautiful scrapbook that will sell worldwide through Assouline distribution. Proceeds from the sale will go directly to local charities addressing the needs of the victims.